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Native Voice Communications strives to educate, inform, promote understanding of Native issues, and build community through the use of interactive multi-media technology.

About Native Voice Communications

NVC is a multi-media production company providing news, information and educational services. The company was started in March, 2000. Since startup, NVC has been producing statewide radio news programs, has been hosting statewide and national current events information programs, and has provided educational services in digital radio production. Independent Native News is a production of NVC.

NVC is an incorporated nonprofit company, organized under state and federal regulations. The company has provided its services primarily to other nonprofit organizations in the public radio and television sector. NVC is supported by donations and sponsorships from companies, nonprofit organizations, and individuals.

NVC is an Alaska Native owned company. In keeping with our mission and vision, NVC provides news and information about the Native American community in the United States, and provides educational services primarily for the Native American community.

Native Voice Communications and its journalists are members of the Native American Journalists Association and the Society of Professional Journalists. NVC is proud to have adopted the SPJ Code of Ethics as its guiding policy for news. NVC brings its listeners news they can trust.


Native Voice Communications is dedicated to building respect, understanding and community empowerment through multi-media and interactive digital technology. Our roots are in non-assimilative journalism and we incorporate traditional values in all facets of our management, production and training. The foremost desire of Native Voice Communications is to help our Native people express concerns regarding our cultures, histories and contemporary issues. To accomplish this, Native Voice Communications will provide media training to meet the technology shift from broadcast to broadband distribution. In all its endeavors, Native Voice Communications will be responsive to the needs of the community. 

NVC Services



Native Voice Communications’ flagship service is Independent Native News, a daily 5-minute broadcast about events and issues affecting the Native American community in the United States. INN is distributed via internet for rebroadcast by member radio stations. Individuals may also listen to INN directly on the internet, using an MP3 player.



The journalists of Native Voice Communications also host public affairs and current events programs, especially where the content is relevant to the Native American community, or where information about Native Americans is presented to a larger audience. For example, NVC hosted Alaska statewide coverage of the We the People March in May, 2000.


NVC journalists also provide training in digital radio production. In June, 2000, NVC Associate Lori Townsend conducted training in digital editing software and MP3 technology to student radio interns at the Native American Journalist’s Association (NAJA) Annual Meeting in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Ms. Townsend also conducted training for graduate students at the Department of Journalism at the University of California at Berkeley.

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